Your life is in our hands

Your life is in our hands.

Passion and love in our hearts for animals was the starting point for the decision to establish the Sloboda zvierat organization. After more than 25 years of working for animals, the number of these people has grown to several thousand. Today, the Sloboda zvierat organization has its center in Bratislava and regional centers throughout Slovakia. It develops a range of activities. Our goal is to stop cruelty to animals and promote healthy coexistence between humans and animals.

Direct rescue of animals

Every day we rescue animals in the streets, canals, abandoned, lost, abused. In the shelter, we provide them with a roof over their heads, treat them, and feed them. We give them love, care and the goal is to find them their original or new home. We investigate cases of abuse, we operate an emergency line 16 187.

Professional activity

Behind the office doors, a daily marathon takes place - we address the competent, solve legal cases, document abuses. We cooperate with experts, scientists, we cooperate with foreign organizations. We actively lobby, communicate with municipalities and state administration. We are members of several European coalitions.

Campaign and lighting

Our goal is not only to help animals, but also to prevent abuse. That is why we organize a number of campaigns aimed at drawing the public's attention to the suffering of animals. We also try to influence the competent. We prepare events, marches, demonstrations, information stands. We cooperate with the mass media, publish press materials and communicate with the public. We educate children and youth. We organize lectures, excursions and projects focused on the protection of animals and nature.


Even though cruelty is the order of the day, the public doesn't know that we have state animal welfare inspectors paid for by our taxes. Thus, the Animal Protection Act only applies on paper. Perpetrators of atrocities are not sufficiently punished.That's why there is a line against cruelty, which serves to help abused, injured, neglected and endangered animals.