Ing. Pavla Dugovičová


Ing. Jozef Chmel

Chief Inspector of the Anti-Cruelty Hotline

Jana Liptáková

Instructor and Coordinator of the Education Centre

Bc. Silvia Čaňová

Campaigns Coordinator

Mgr. Kristína Devínska, PhD.

Campaigns Coordinator

E-shop and contribution management

Maja Benedikovičová

Inspection of adopted animals

MVDr. Martina Soboličová


Opening hours of our shelter

7 days a week, 12:00-16:00

The same opening hours apply for dog walking

Information about dog walking and volunteering

Please report stray, injured dogs and sick, injured cats found in the city of Bratislava to the Municipal Police on the phone number 159

Shelter dispatching

If you can’t reach us, please email us at the above-listed email address. Thank you

Social networks