Dog walking

Our dogs are grateful for every walk and every caress. To be allowed to take our dogs on a walk, it is mandatory to obtain a dog walking license (venčiarsky preukaz). Registration is required before your first shelter visit. Please fill out our online registration form in advance. Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation email. The one-time administration fee for the issue of the card is 5 euros, and this fee is to be paid at the reception of our shelter. Leashes are available. Wear comfortable, rather sporty clothes that can withstand a bit of dirt, as the dogs may be muddy from the enclosures or a walk in the woods. If you are under 18 years old, you must bring written permission from a parent with their signature.


Dog walkers can come on any day. We are available daily from 12:00 to 16:00. Outside these hours, we clean the shelter and feed the animals. There is a lot of demand for dog walking on weekends, so if you have the option, please visit us during the week. Our shelter is located in Polianky, Bratislava, Pod brehmi 1/A.

The rules for dog walking in our shelter are as follows:

1, Dog walking is allowed only from 12:00 to 16:00. The dog must be returned to the shelter on time, for its own good.

2, Carry your dog walking license with you and show it to the shelter keepers before dog walking.

3, You need to check with the shelter keeper about the dog’s nature. Let the dog sniff you and get to know you. Take into account that it may be an abused animal. The dog may be shy and distrustful, based on its bad experiences with other people. The decision as to whether to dog is suitable for a walk is solely up to the shelter keeper.

4, The dog needs to be kept under control, you can not let it off-leash. Dogs from other enclosures should be prevented from getting too close to each other, they could bite each other badly. If you are walking as a group, you need to take dogs from the same enclosure.

5, Only the shelter keeper is allowed to take the dog in and out of its kennel.

6, Any changes in the animal’s behaviour, medical condition or any injury sustained should be immediately reported to the keeper.

7, Collect the dogs’ excrement. Plastic bags are available at the shelter.

8, Be considerate of people moving in the forest (tourists, joggers).

9, Do not feed or pet dogs in enclosures or kennels. This may result in an injury.

1O, Excessive training and punishment is absolutely unacceptable. Adapt to the dog’s individual needs, its pace and its desire to explore its surroundings.

Treats during dog walking are allowed. Thank you!